Technologies & Innovations

Product overview


Laser focus on the journey. McDavid is a pioneer in the evolution of sports medicine and the industry leader in sports medicine products with a keen focus on: Prevention providing protection and helping reduce the incidence of injury. Protection supporting an athlete‚ return to activity and enhancing performance. McDavid SportMed® products play an integral role in sports medicine and support the ultimate goal of all athletes to perform at their best.

Sports protection

Protection = Confidence. McDavid products support and protect key body areas, enabling ease of movement while maintaining a strong level of protection. On the leading edge of sports protection is McDavid's HEX® technology of lightweight hexagon cells that conform to the body and provide different levels of support to match athletic needs and type of activity.

Performance apparel

Now Performing. Great performance is thoughtful performance. At McDavid, we think about every element and how to squeeze out any advantage. McDavid is about highly intelligent gear that's a hybrid blend of prevention, protection and always, performance. Recovery apparel directly affects performance by influencing your ability to train fully and consistently. McDavid Recovery gear reduces lactic acid build-up, increases blood flow for faster muscle fatigue recovery and improved circulation. We virtually and literally support better performance with our unique technologies of Cross Compression™, and Targeted Compression™ . Designed to help any athlete focus on improving performance, achieving more and crushing personal bests. McDavid‚ now performing for you.