Phantom 3+ Ankle Brace [4305]

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Introducing the Phantom 3+ Ankle Brace – a game-changing solution that brings you unparalleled ankle support without the hassle of traditional laces. Engineered for excellence, this brace redefines comfort and stability, making it your go-to choice for preventing and alleviating pain from ankle instabilities, aches, sprains, and more.

With a universal design, the ankle support fits both left and right ankles, providing versatile support for all your activities.

Elevate your experience with the Phantom 3+ Ankle Brace – where innovation meets comfort, and performance knows no bounds. Embrace a new standard of support and step into a world where every move is backed by cutting-edge technology.


• No bulky and time-consuming laces!
• 30% Lighter than traditional lace-up & strap braces (only 92 gram)
• Easy direct rear-entry fit with quick adjustable back closures
• Fits left or right
• Thin, low profile fit for today’s tight streamlined shoes
• Advanced Bio-Logix™ anatomically contoured flex-support stirrup stays
• Vertical tensions tirrup straps maximize medial/lateral stability
• Figure-8 straps enhance joint stability and compression support
• Rubber-grip-straps optimize no-slip grip with brace & within shoe
• Helps prevent and recover from common ankle sprains

Size table

EU Shoe Size
Measure around ankle (cm)
XS/S -41 19 – 21,6
M/L 41 – 44 21,6 – 24,1
XL/XXL 44+ 24,1 – 27,9
UK Shoe size
Measure around ankle (inches)
XS/S -8 7.5 – 8.5”
M/L 7.5 – 10.5 8.5 – 9.5”
XL/XXL 10.5+ 9.5 – 11”

The Phantom 3+ Ankle Brace

Phantom 3+ boasts an innovative design that's both lightweight and incredibly effective. Say goodbye to bulky laces and the tedious adjustments that come with them! We've eliminated that inconvenience, offering you a direct rear-entry fit that's as easy as it is efficient. The quick adjustable back closures ensure a perfect fit every time, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your performance.

Complement modern footwear

The Phantom 3+ is engineered to be 30% lighter than traditional lace-up and strap braces, weighing in at a mere 92 grams. Slip it into your shoes effortlessly, and experience the difference of a thin, low-profile fit that aligns seamlessly with today's streamlined styles.

Flex-support stirrup stays

Paired with vertical tension stirrup straps, they provide unparalleled medial and lateral stability, empowering you to move confidently and fearlessly. The figure-8 straps, a hallmark of the Phantom 3+ design, go beyond conventional support. They enhance joint stability and compression support, ensuring your ankle is fortified against the challenges of rigorous activity.

Rubber-grip straps

Strategically designed to maintain a secure, no-slip grip, both on the brace itself and within your shoe. This means you can push your limits without worrying about your gear keeping up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Shane O.
Very good ankle brace

Tore my deltoid ligament. Continue to use this brace to aid my recovery. Excellent build quality and easy to use. Provides very good support. Not too bulky so you can wear with socks and trainers. Would highly recommend.

Maxime V.
Phantom 3+ ankle brace

Heel makkelijk en efficiënt in gebruik.
Zitten comfortabel.

Goed als ondersteuning makkelijk aan te doen

Ik draag deze brace nu al een tijdje en heb sindsdien niks meer voorgehad! Echt een top brace zeker aan te raden.


Excellent ankle support

Axel B.

I can' t say anything about the durability yet. As all McDavid products it makes a good impression. It fits very well and is very easy to put on.