A wrist brace is the toughest form of wrist support. Whereas a wrist sleeve offers light support for small injuries and pains, a wrist brace is only advisable for heavy injuries. Our customer service happily provides you with advice concerning the product that fits you best. Using the wrong type of wrist support can lead to even more pain or a weaker joint. On the one hand, when you are wearing support that is too light, you will still have pain. On the other hand, too much support will make the wrist dependant on the brace. This, of course, will weaken the joint leading to even more pain and possible injuries. Good wrist support can be very useful at the gym. Exercises such as weightlifting put a lot of pressure on your wrists, making them prone to injuries. Therefore, McDavid has developed different types of wrist support for different levels of protection. As we maintain high-quality standards to all of our products, McDavid offers you the best possible wrist support for the gym. Also, many other joints are put under a large amount of pressure during gym sessions. This makes it crucial to make sure that, besides having the best possible wrist support, you have the right type of knee support, ankle support, and back support. Wrist support is crucial in almost any type of sports. Of course, sports such as volleyball, handball, and basketball can be intensive for your wrists, as you play the ball directly with your hands. However, for sports such as football, your wrists have to be able to sustain large impacts, too. For this reason, many professional and amateur athletes from different sports already chose McDavid as their brand for protection. Buying McDavid wrist support in the official McDavid webshop offers you many advantages. We have the widest range of McDavid products for the lowest prices. This way you can always find the right type of wrist support. Can’t find the right type of wrist support? Feel free to contact our customer service for advice based on your personal needs and preferences.